by Gort vs Goom

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Gort Vs Goom


released February 3, 2013

Logan Rainard - Bass guitar and vocals
Byron Jacquot - Drums and vocals

All songs written and performed by Gort Vs Goom

All except track 4 recorded by Gort Vs Goom
Track 4 recorded by Jeff Merkel and Matt VanLeuven at 8 Houses Down

Photos by Katrina Jacquot
Illustration by Logan Rainard


all rights reserved



Gort vs Goom Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Coffee
Set another pot a-simmerin
I can not function without coffee
Can't sit still
If I do I die

Thinking ten things at once
I'm addicted to stress
Constant stimulation
Like a parallelogram

Set another pot a-simmerin
It's a pathological need
Roasted, boiled beans
Set another pot a-simmerin
Track Name: Robot
Steely taste in my mouth
and a creak in my joints
I only see black and white
And I'm only hearing echoes
The X-ray confirmed it today
The diagnosis is complete
I'm turning into a robot

City lights dim
Static cuts in and out
Memory reprogrammed
And the transformation is complete
Am I the only one who can tell?
Am I the only one who knows?
Are there others like me?
Or am I the only one?

Now that I'm an appliance
Perfect rhythm is mine
Smacking backbeats
Highly accurate time
My new best friends
Are the toaster and the blender
But they're turning into people
Lets go level the city
Track Name: Pride/Dignity
Where is my pride?
Where is my dignity?
Could it be that they've been seen together?
Could it be that they've had a falling out?
Could it be that they're always at odds with my best interest?
I've given up the search
Track Name: Can't Remember Anything
My middle name
My moms birthday
I can't remember anything
My new address
The grocery list
I can't remember anything
My middle name
My moms birthday
My new address
The grocery list
Your name, you say
What notes to play
I can't remember anything

What words to say
What notes to play
What'd I do with my other shoe?
Don't stare at the ground what I talk to you

I can't remember anything

The words to this song are running long
It makes it hard to recall them all
I can't remember anything
Track Name: The Lair of the Manatee
In the lair of the manatee
Sweet plaid and floral
Blue flicker of a TV
The watchful gaze of an owl

I've been at sea far too long
My weary consciousness [sic] is drawn overboard
Into a realm of soy and cigarettes
Your nautical irony is lost on me

What's been seen can never be unseen

In the end I hack off my leg
Back to my ship to tell the tale
Track Name: Gort vs Goom Theme Song

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