Small Circles and other songs

by Gort vs Goom

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released August 5, 2015

Logan Rainard: Bass guitar and vocals
Byron Jacquot: Drums and vocals

Recorded to tape by Todd Divel at Silo Sound, Denver, CO.
Mastered my Scott Craggs, Old Colony Mastering, Boston MA.




Gort vs Goom Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Small Circles
For a brief moment
I knew who I was
And it lasted
'Til I went out the front door.

Going in small circles
The harder I try
The smaller they get

That night I closed my eyes
So calm
And still
And for an instant
I was a million miles away

Going in small circles
The harder I try
The smaller they get
Track Name: Cheap Nihilism
There is no method
I think that is an excuse
Not to try and make one
An excuse that is

A long chain of approximations
Nothing really changes
A long string coincidence
Nothing really changes
Track Name: Manic Episode
One thing ends
Another begins
The light in the tunnel
Wasn't fatal after all

Flashing lights
And racing thoughts
Late at night
With a pen in my hand

I see the path
In front of me
As if it had been
Prepared for me
Track Name: Rubber Band
One time I was on my way
Then the rubber band broke
It speaks volumes
That I get to try this
Who put the man in brinkmanship?
Squeeze it 'til it breaks
Meaning is a luxury
That I've got no time for

The concept of language, as a whole
Is a total disaster
I can't put three words in a row
Who am I to try?
Who am I to presume?
Who am I to try?
You can't put the genie
Back into the bottle

Ambushes, bum-rushes
Entropy increases
If they faked the moon landing
Than they can fake this too

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